KING JIM Moniter Stand by sasoham_01

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KING JIM Moniter Stand


Sena Bluetooth 20S_01

블루투스 제조업체 세나블루투스를 위한 프리미엄 라인업 20S 블루투스 헤드셋 디자인. 세나 20S는 가장 ...

Sena – 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System


Electrolux Portable Induction Cooker by sasoham_01

Designed by sasoham   How many times a week can busy modern people cook foods at home?   Once? Twice? Actually, ...

Electrolux Portable Induction Cooker


AntBee Electric Cart, 1 Seater_11

It is the design to re-create the electric cart used in current farm village into urban electric cart. The hardest thing was ...

Mando AntBee Electric Cart, 1 Seater


Leica Telescope by sasoham_01

Current telescope products has became complicated in its function and shape and the manufactures have been making efforts to provide ...

Leica Telescope H1